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The Prefecture of Pieria uniquely combines the endless blue beaches, the beautiful mountains, the legend and the history. The capital of the prefecture is the city of Katerini built in the rich plain that stretches from the foot of Mount Olympus to the sea.

It has many beaches with beautiful sandy beaches and clear blue waters along its coastline with hotel units, tourist accommodation, tourist market, places of entertainment and recreation as well as dozens of archeological sites and attractions to visit.

In Pieria you will find picturesque settlements, Byzantine temples and cultural heritage monuments. Most of all, however, you will find hospitable people, ready to introduce the visitor to the secrets of their place.




Litochoro is built on the slope of the highest peak of Olympus (Mytikas, 2,918 m.) And yet it is only a few kilometers from the sea, thus being an ideal destination all year round.

The picturesque town stands out for its traditional Macedonian-style architecture and the alternations of the lush vegetation that surrounds it, in an exquisite aesthetic harmony. It is an important tourist resort with perfect hotel infrastructure and the most common starting point for mountaineering excursions on the "mountain of the gods".

What to visit:
- National Crisis Information Center
- Marine Museum
- Chapel of the Prophet Elias
- Old Monastery of Agios Dionysios
- The gorge of Enipeas




Leptokarya is a coastal town in the prefecture of Pieria and is 26 km from Katerini. It has natural beauties, a large coast, crystal clear waters and a history that is lost in the depths of the centuries, in the ancient Leivithra.

This ancient city is associated with Dionysian worship, as it was the area where the first Dionysian Feasts took place. Of particular interest are the monuments of Leptokarya, among which are:
- Byzantine temples
- Monastery of Panagia Kanaliotissa
- Cave (cave) that according to tradition Orpheus was born
- The city of the Muses etc.

On the beach of Leptokarya, you will find beautiful and clean beaches to enjoy your swim as well as the main coastal road that is full of shops with tourist items and local products.




Neoi Poroi is a seaside village in Pieria which is 43 km from Katerini. It is built in an urban plan, as it has large streets and squares.

Their coast is the southernmost coast of Pieria, next to the traditional settlement of Old Resources and the extensive wetland, in the northern part of the Pinios Delta. Important archeological finds (graves) were found near the village, where illegal excavations took place in 2007.

Whether you are coming for a vacation or for business reasons, the certainty is that Pieria and the warm hospitality of its inhabitants will win you over and we will definitely see you again.



In the prefecture of Pieria but also in the surrounding prefectures, there are places that you should not miss to visit. Some of them are: the ancient theater Dion, north of Litochoro at 12 km, the Orlia stream where you can swim and is only 5 km from Dion and many more attractions. South of Litochoro is the castle of Platamonas at 18km and from the castle at a distance of 4km you will find Paleo Panteleimon.

Volos and Pelion are 128 km from Litochoro while the enchanting Meteora is 154 km. See some photos below.