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Olympus Rent a Car | Car Rental Services Litochoro Pieria


1) Conditions for renting a car.
a) Age limit.
Have a minimum age of 23, with a driver's license issued at least one year in advance.

b) Driving license.
Have a Greek, European (for EU countries) or International (for non-EU countries) driving license.

c) Credit Card.
Have a personal credit card or (if you do not have a credit card) pay the amount of the car warranty which will be refunded upon delivery.

2) Mileage limit.
For leases of up to two days the maximum daily mileage is 200 km. In addition, the cost is 0.30 EUR / km.

Rents over three days miles are unlimited.

3) Fuel policy.
The car is delivered with whatever fuel it has inside and with the same fuel level it is returned.

4) Receipt of Vehicle.
It is very important upon receipt that the tenant of the vehicle carefully inspect the vehicle together with the Olympus rent a car executive and agree to record any previous damage.

The tenant will be invited to sign upon receipt of the vehicle the relevant proof of receipt and delivery of the car, on the basis of which the return of the vehicle will be received.

The Lease Contract will present all the services / insurances provided as well as any of the additional services / insurances the tenant wants, with the corresponding charges.

5) General Information.
The tenant received the car, after verifying that it is in excellent condition in every way. It must deliver it in the same condition in which it was received, with all the tools, wheels and accessories, to the specific point agreed upon and listed on the first page hereof.

If the lessee does not deliver the car to the specific place and to an employee of the leasing company, it is considered that he left the car with the corresponding legal consequences in case of damages or financial debt to the company.
The leasing company has the inalienable right to terminate this contract without consequences, if it deems that the lessee is detrimental to the interests of the company, or does not comply with the rules of the road and violates the terms of this contract.

The lessee has an obligation at the time of the lease to protect the car, to check its mechanical condition, oil, water, etc. also check the condition of the tires and whether the car is safe to drive.

The lessee is liable and liable to compensate the company for damages arising from lack of attention. He is also required to pay for fuel during the rental period.

The lessee is not entitled to make modifications to the car, to carry out mechanical or other work, to replace parts, to violate the mileage, any violation of the above will result in his criminal prosecution.

When the tenant does not use the car, he must take all possible measures to avoid theft of the car or its components.

The rental company is not responsible for any loss or damage to the customer's items that are in the car, whether they have been left in the office before or after the contract.

The leasing company made every effort and took all possible precautions to avoid mechanical damage to the car, and is not responsible for any damage caused by any direct or indirect damage to the employee.

6) Additional Information.

For young children, the use of a special seat is required, the installation and proper use of which is the sole responsibility of the parents or legal guardians / companions of the children.

7) Car interior.In case the vehicle is returned with stains that require special cleaning, (eg animal hair, sand, etc. on the seats, on the floor or in the trunk, etc.), the tenant is charged the amount of € 80.00

8) Additional Benefits.The additional benefits are optional, have a maximum charge of 15 days and depend on availability.
Daily charge per unit:
• Baby seat 4.00 EUR. Seat facing backwards for ages under 12 months.
• Children's seat 4.00 EUR. Seat for ages under 5 years.
• Booster 4.00 EUR. Seat for children under 6 years old.
• 4.00 EUR snow chains.
• Satellite Navigator (GPS) 8.00 EUR.
Daily charge per driver:
• Additional guide 4.00 EUR.

9) Pricing.The lessee must collect the following:
a) Charges for deliveries and receipts, if they have been attributed to this contract.
b) The insurance indemnity in the case of acceptance of gross insurance.
c) The percentage of tax due on all of the above.
d) If the tenant delays the car after the agreed return time is charged for every one hour 1/5

10) Methods of payment.

Olympus rent a car accepts the following credit cards: Visa, American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard. If you choose to pay in cash, you need to pay a guarantee (cash) or if you have a credit card, the contract states the full credit card number from which no amount is committed unless the tenant-driver of the Olympus rent a car violates the terms of the agreement stated in the contract.

11) Online Reservation.
Any booking made through the Olympus rent a car website is valid only when 25% of the total rent has been paid and if confirmed by email from Olympus rent a car.

Olympus rent a car when confirming a reservation through the website informs about all the relevant procedures, in order for the reservation to take effect. Reservations are valid only when all the procedures set out in the booking confirmation message have been completed.

Possible requests to change an already confirmed reservation should only be made via email. Any changes apply only if confirmed by Olympus rent a car.

All bookings made through our website are governed by the same terms of use, which govern all bookings, as explicitly stated above.

12) Insurance Covers.
a) Basic
The car is safely covered by third parties, and the tenant is fully liable for any damage caused to the car. The fuses include wheel tires, Tasia, rims, the interior of the car, and mirrors.

b) Mixed (CDW)
The tenant has a liability amount in case of damage to the car for the categories A, B, C, D 700 € & (excluding the insurance the tires of the wheels, Tasia, rims, the interior the lower part of the car, and the mirrors) when he accepts the relevant terms of the present and also pays the amount of 10 € & 15 € respectively, on a daily basis and up to 14 days the maximum.
Prerequisite, that the lessee will comply with the provisions of K.O.K. applicable each time.
Theft Coverage (TR): Theft coverage is an optional service, which if accepted, the tenant can limit his liability for stealing the rental car to € 700 for categories A, B, C, D, E by paying amounts of 10 € & 15 € respectively per day of rent.

13) Fines-Penalties & Administrative Fees.
The tenant is responsible for paying the fines that may arise from violations of the Code of Civil Procedure. during car rental. In case they are not paid by the tenant and the company Olympus rent a car needs mediation to pay them, there will be a surcharge of € 20.00 in addition to the cost of infringement (Expenditure management expenses).

Sign Removal
In case of removal of license plates during the rental, the tenant will be charged the rent until the receipt of the plates by the competent service.

14) Accidents and Management Expenses.
In the event of an accident, there is an non-refundable charge of € 60.00.

15) Roadside Assistance.
The specific coverage of roadside assistance is included in the rental prices. Relevant contact information & roadside assistance procedures are provided to the driver before the start of the lease.

Depending on the circumstances, we reserve the right not to provide a replacement vehicle. Roadside assistance may not be available to tenants who have used a ship without a written permission from the local office.

16) Prohibitions.
It is forbidden to use the car during the lease:
a) by any person under the age of 23 years.
b) by any person who does not have a driver's license or has acquired it in less than 12 months.
c) for driving instruction.
(d) in breach of this Agreement.
e) To transport passengers or things for a fee.
f) To carry more passengers than specified by its license.
g) Carry heavy objects or smelly goods or drugs or weapons.
h) For towing another car or trailer.
i) In special speed car races, etc.
j) From any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
k) From each person without the prior approval of the lessor company
l) Generally for any purpose contrary to Greek Law.

17) Shipping.

Vehicles with ferries or ferries are only allowed after a previous customer request & written approval from Olympus rent a car. The use of the ship without notice is prohibited & is considered a negligence that cancels the insurance.

When the customer risks using it without prior written approval from Olympus rent a car, then he is fully responsible for any replacement, shipping or towing costs.

Also, roadside assistance and replacement cars may not be available, especially where Olympus rent a car does not have local offices.

Finally, the tenant is fully responsible for the total cost of the damage or other charges caused to the Greek islands.

18) Car Delivery to a Different Station.
All vehicles should be returned to the local station's parking lot or to the place specified in the rental agreement based on the car return and inspection procedure.

Unauthorized abandonment of the vehicle in a public parking lot, hotel or other area other than the pre-agreed one will burden the driver with the parking fee. The charge will be calculated as Management Expenses (€ 25.00) and will be increased by the mileage cost from the station (0.56 EUR / km).

The tenant will be liable for any parking fines, damages or other costs incurred.

19) Transfer abroad.
The movement of vehicles outside the borders is strictly prohibited.

20) Loss or destruction of keys.
In case of loss or destruction of a key during the rental, then the tenant must pay the following amounts: 80.00 € - 200.00 € for categories A, B, C, D, E.

The above prices do not include VAT. 24%.

21) Modifications.
Reservations must be made by the customer in writing, by fax or e-mail at least 24 hours before the start of the vehicle rental. Telephone requests are not accepted.
The modification request is not secured and the modifications will be considered as new booking on new terms.

22) Rent Extensions.
It should be borne in mind that it may not always be possible to extend the lease.

If the branch agrees to extend the lease, the lease will be charged at the current daily price which may be higher or lower than the original booking price.

If the tenant wishes to extend the rental period of the vehicle, he must notify the local office in writing at least 48 hours before the end of the period in order to obtain the appropriate written approval. If it does not, it will have both civil and criminal liability for illegal use and possession of the vehicle.

23) Smoking Policy.
Olympus rent a car implements a "green" smoking policy in all vehicles. This prohibits the smoking of the driver or any passenger inside the vehicle and otherwise penalties will be imposed.

To repair any damage, combustion, pollution from tobacco or ash due to smoking, a special biological cleaning fee of 80.00 EUR will be applied and an additional charge for the cost of replacing the damage.

24) Animal policy.
The transport of animals is not allowed inside the vehicle, except in cases where a special cage is used.

To repair any damage inside the car or pollution caused by the transport of animals, a special biological cleaning fee of 80.00 EUR will be applied and an additional charge for the cost of replacing the damage.

25) Car replacement.
Replacement of a car after an accident or mechanical damage, is done after consultation with Olympus rent a car, within 48 hours for the period from 14/9 to 14/6 and within 72 hours for the period from 15/6 to 14/9.

26) Complaints.
Any complaint regarding the reservation / rent must be submitted within 30 days from the date of return of the vehicle in written form, by fax or e-mail, to the e-mail address Olympus rent a car @ gmail.com
A full description of the problem with data is required. Complaints received after this period will not be considered.

27) Personal Data.
All information about privacy protection and data protection when using the services of Olympus rent a car, is contained in the privacy policy found on our website Olympus rent a car .gr

28) Supervisory Authority.
For any dispute or dispute over the agreements concluded with our company, the Greek Law is competent based on the aforementioned terms and its application will be made to the competent judicial services of the city of Katerini.

29) Cancellations.
In case of cancellation of the reservation up to 15 days before the date of arrival, the full amount of the deposit is refunded. For cancellations within 7 days before arrival, all advance payment will not be refunded.

30) Hours.
From 09:00 in the morning until 24:00 in the evening.

31) Out-of-hours service.
For delivery or receipt outside of business hours, reservations are charged at the amount of EUR 20.00.

32) Long Term Leases.
Rent a car today from Olympus rent a car for your travels or your company's needs and take advantage of the low prices starting from 14 euros per day (for rent for at least 30 days)

The monthly car rental offer includes:
3,000 kilometers a month. (0.10 minutes for each additional kilometer.)
Basic safety, with breaking of crystals, legal protection.
Roadside assistance.
Replacement of the car in case of failure within 24 hours.
Free second driver.
Free child seats
Free delivery - collection at any point in Pieria you want.
Book your car online today or call the reservation department Tel.23520-83727 Mob.00306977302714
The offer is not valid for the months of July and August unless it is an annual lease.

33) Groups of Vehicles.
Our vehicles are classified into groups for reasons of clarity of reservations. Reservations are confirmed for a group of vehicles & not for a specific brand or model, unless otherwise proven.
In case of early booking for a specific vehicle group, the company does not guarantee the availability of a specific model or type of fuel.
Vehicles appearing in any printed or electronic display are for guidance only & can be replaced with an alternative, similar or upgraded vehicle at our discretion.
Vehicles described as alternative or similar are not guaranteed.

34) Collaborations with other companies.
Olympus rent a car in the context of better customer service and in order to increase market penetration can proceed with partnerships with third parties.

Third parties may have similar terms and conditions that only bind Olympus rent a car, in part and under certain conditions, for bilateral cooperation concluded between the two exclusively.

As long as the customers have made a transaction with some of these third parties, their terms and conditions are binding solely on the customer based on the agreement between the two and not on Olympus rent a car.

Our customers fully accept all the terms and conditions of Olympus rent a car regardless of the individual agreements that have been made with the other companies.